Qing ( pronounced Ching ) finds art in all people and their dreams. With that, she helps to mold dreams into reality across Asia - 6 years and counting.

Carine Roitfeld is her idol.

Credits photographers KG Krishnan, Lawrence , Zantz , Branden Chang, EC, Alvelyn Alko for inspiring her through various collaborative efforts.

Credits also go to various creatives - stylists ( too many to list ! ) , creative directors, makeup artists - Norah, Xara, Dani, Sha Shamsi , Karen Ho, Chris Ruth - who continue to impart and share their creative expertise with her.

She has also been able to collaborate in fashion events with the likes of Esquire, Timeout, and Melissa Shoes. Qing also hopes to collaborate more in fashion public relations.


  • Fashion Styling
  • In-Design
  • Photoshop
  • Public Relations & Fashion Events